Serves: 2

Time: 1hr


1 white onion

2 cloves of garlic

4 chicken thighs (skinned and de-boned)

4 pieces of rabbit (ask your butcher to prepare. You should get 6-8 pieces, then freeze the rest)

1lt fish stock

100g La Bomba rice

1 whole fresh artichoke or ½ jar of grilled artichoke hearts. Or 5 whole runner beans, whatever is in season.

50g frozen peas

1 whole lemon

½ red pepper (optional, for decoration rather than flavour)

1tsp dried mountain rosemary

1tsp turmeric

1 whole red chili

1tsp Hot smoked paprika

3-4 saffron strands

3 bay leaves


Glug of olive oil.


  1. Dice the onion and crush the garlic. Then place in a small paella pan or large frying pan with a glug of olive oil on a low heat, so to slowly cook but not burn.
  2. Whilst the onions and garlic are cooking, put the fish stock in a saucepan and add the turmeric, rosemary, whole chili, saffron and bay leaves and bring to the boil then turn down to a simmer.
  3. The onions & garlic should be soft and cooked, so remove and put into a bowl.
  4. Place the chicken and rabbit in a mixing bowl and season with salt, pepper and the paprika. Mix thoroughly, to ensure each piece is well seasoned.
  5. Return the paella / frying pan back and turn up to a medium heat adding another glug of olive oil.
  6. Seal all the chicken and rabbit, turning regularly to ensure good colour. Cook for about 10 minutes and turn the heat down a little if you think it is too hot.
  7. Whilst the meat is cooking, cut the artichoke in 8 wedges or four slices if using beans. Cut the red pepper into 4 or 6 strips and the lemon into 6 or 8 wedges, removing and visible pips.